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Latex catsuit couple

August 4, 2008

from Flickr user mattdork

Pretty latex

August 2, 2008

by Laura “KoAn” Gioia (via Flickr

Gorgeous latex-clad Midori

July 11, 2008

Via my friend Jessica Cutler, I was directed to the Coco de Mer site and wow, am I drooling. So much gorgeousness, including this photo of the beautiful and talented Midori, who is teaching a class on handjobs and blowjobs.

Great Rubber Sex review at Jane’s Guide

July 2, 2008

Rubber Sex got a great review from AlwaysArousedGirl over at Jane’s Guide:

As has been the case in her other books, Bussel contributes one of the most compelling stories. “Tight Squeeze” describes a dominant woman’s attiring of her much younger lover in a shiny, slick latex catsuit in front of an admiring throng. It’s a simple idea, but this author is a master of drawing out the sensuality of the most simple situation.

Thomas Roche’s story of vac-bed fascination also merits a mention. “Butterfly’s Kiss” is erotica noir, a dangerous sort of tale that combines lust with enough of a sense of imminent danger to keep the blood boiling on a couple different levels at once.

I’m a vanilla girl at heart, so I found it educational (and hot) to see the different ways this fetish material can be enjoyed. Now I’m seeing rubbery erotic possibilities everywhere.

Rubber bands around the wrists, for example…

read the whole review

Hot photo

July 2, 2008

Obviously old, but just wanted to share:

Manuella of RubberVita

June 18, 2008

Manuella on RubberVita, via the wonderful Lust Love Latex (both possible NSFW)


June 16, 2008

via fluffy Lychees (via roesje reblogging sexnotsex)

Steven Diet Goedde’s Catwoman

June 12, 2008

Photographer Steven Diet Goedde got to watch Syren remake a classic costume: (via The Reverse Cowgirl)

Last week was the opening of the Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibition at the Fashion Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The original Catwoman latex costume that Michelle Pfeiffer made famous in Batman Returns is part of the exhibit. Syren Latex made the costume back in the day and was asked to piece together the original costume for the show. The original costume had not been taken care of properly and had mostly disintegrated. So it was up to Jeff at Syren to assemble the original parts with new latex elements to make a proper costume for the exhibition. Jeff even brought on board my longtime friend Molly (formerly of So Hip It Hurts Latex) to help out on the hood portion of the costume. Since I work with Stockroom (who owns Syren), I had the chance to witness and document firsthand the restoration of this iconic piece of fetish fashion.

I covet this dress

May 23, 2008

From Syren – so pretty!

Excerpt from Rubber Sex, last chance to pre-order with discount!

May 18, 2008

Cover of Rubber Sex

My new book Rubber Sex just came in from the printer and Amazon will have it in stock very soon, so it’s your last chance to save 5% from them on a pre-order!

Here’s a teaser from my story “Tight Squeeze”

His body seemed to glow from the inside out, the extra-thin latex seeming to capture all the light in the room. I walked over and immediately ran my hands up and down his glorious body. I had to work hard to pretend that I wasn’t the needy one in this relationship. He felt incredible, like some kind of sexy alien coated in a supernatural skin. I pinched one nipple, watching it pucker beneath the fabric.

“Turn over,” I barked. I hadn’t been prepared to see him suited up so soon. I’d thought we’d custom order the suit, then have it ready to debut, but here he was, and the situation just demanded that I make good use of it, and him. “Bend over and wrap your hands around your ankles.” The suit was so snug that his asscheeks looked truly obscene when he obeyed me, more so than if he’d been naked. Sure, we couldn’t actually see his gaping asshole or hairy buttocks, but the fabric clinging to his curves left little to the imagination. I lifted my hand and gave him a firm swat.

“Ow, thank you, Mistress,” he said, immediately correcting his faux pas. I looked pointedly at the others in the room, glad to see all eyes were on us. “Everyone’s watching you, Randy, so you better behave,” I said, before delivering another sound smack. I kept going, working up a rhythm, breathing heavily as I went. Someone handed me a paddle and I immediately began slapping his ass, hard. This was harsher than what we usually leapt right into, and I knew from my former bottoming days that being spanked with the aid of latex against one’s skin only made the rush that much stronger. When I chanced a look at his face, I saw that Randy’s cheeks were flaming red. He loved and hated that all these people could see not only his entire body, but how I treated it. If he’d thought the latex would somehow protect him from their gazes, he soon saw he was wrong, and the more I watched, the more I knew that this outfit would be in constant rotation in his wardrobe. I spanked him until I got tired of it.

“Stand up and face me,” I said, looking down at his cock. It was thick and hard, swelling against the latex, pushing it out grotesquely. I toyed with the zipper going up the front of the latex, the only thing marring its ultratight perfection, I pulled it down very fast, and he flinched, rasping out something that sounded like, “Please.”

“What?” I asked, letting the zipper drop midway down his chest. Half-open, the suit did not have anywhere near the same appeal, its symmetry broken, its glamour marred by his hairy chest.
I pinched his cheek, hard, then cupped his hard cock through the latex. “No, don’t speak. I heard what sounded like a request, when you should know better than that, especially in front of my friends. You’re going to wear this home, and keep it on as long as I tell you to.”